I think there is nobody who may imagine that girl who is the family pride, who finished high school and graduated from University with honors, who has all the makings to become a successful lawyer, who are going to become PhD student (don’t ask why 😀 ), who worked for 7 years matching her qualification suddenly understand that she has not heart for this job.
There are a lot of people who eventually realized that it is not necessary to live up to somebody’s expectations. They do things they love and, not agitating to follow their experience, give us food to think, what we want to do in life, what gives us pleasure and harmony with ourselves and with the world around us. Finally, we dawn: “Here is it!” …
The same thing happened with me. I always liked to cook delicious and beautiful. Baking relaxes, soothes and inspires. Kitchen is a stronghold of stability and peace of mind for me and I spend here most time of my life (my cat is very pleased for this fact 😆 ). Last year I graduated specialized courses (yes! I am a certified pastry chef category 3 – the lowest professional level in Russia), and continuing to cook with all my passion at home, kept instagram blog (@baking_maniac), where I publish the results of my successful (and not) culinary experiments. Finally, I decided to give up office life to gain experience as confectioner and to start this blog, where I’d like to share recipes of my favorite meals and secrets of work.
Nice to meet you, my name is Alla and I hope it will be interesting to see my sweet studies and notes in the blog will be useful for you!