Oat milk

To tell the truth, since the childhood I was assured that the cow milk is the best source of protein and calcium (yeah, it sounds like an advertising slogan:)) But it’s not as simple as it seems to be.
Indeed milk is rich in protein (casein) and contains calcium. BUT! However the human body doesn’t have enzymes which are able to convert casein, in particular, therefore drinking of milk can adversely affect the digestive system (by the way it is an allergen), and calcium (which contains in pasteurized cow’s milk) is poorly absorbed by the human digestive system. In addition lactose (milk sugar) has a high glycemic index, i.e. it can sharply increase the level of sugar in the blood. Such discoveries make us think about what we eat. Probably sometimes we need to reconsider our habits;)
So how can we replace cow’s milk? If earlier I would never have thought that I would make up my mind for such experiments, now I began to actively learn these questions. Gonna tell you what I found out.
A healthy and tasty alternative to cow’s milk are oatmeal, nut, coconut or soy milk. Vegetable milk will be especially appreciated by those who have an allergy to casein or lactose intolerance. I’ll try to tell about all of its kinds in the next posts but at first I want to touch on oat milk.

Blood orange cardamom marmalade

Hooray, i’m finally returned to my blog!

I hasn’t shared any recipes here for a long time and piled up about one million proven recipes for the year!
Sooo I present to your attention the recipe of Blood orange cardamom marmalade. I added it to the base recipes because it’s a very successful version of citrus jam cooked with pectin: both great consistency, moderate sweetness and harmony of tastes, – there is everything we love!)