Gluten-free Italian almond pie with pears and blueberries

As it is good that there are simple recipes of baking in the world that don’t required special ingredients and long preparation, but the meal is harmonious to taste and immediately becomes a favorite. In my opinion, they are intended for the perfect family Sunday lunch.
One of these favourite recipes, which I use very often, especially in the season of fresh berries and fruits is Italian almond pie recipe.

Blood orange cardamom marmalade

Hooray, i’m finally returned to my blog!

I hasn’t shared any recipes here for a long time and piled up about one million proven recipes for the year!
Sooo I present to your attention the recipe of Blood orange cardamom marmalade. I added it to the base recipes because it’s a very successful version of citrus jam cooked with pectin: both great consistency, moderate sweetness and harmony of tastes, – there is everything we love!)

Raw sprouted hummus

What ingredients and dishes do you remember when you hear “the healthy food”? For some reason, chickpeas and hummus immediately come to my mind. They are deservedly popular among a healthy lifestyle adherents and vegetarians. Let’s see why they are so fancy?