Extra seeds spelt banana bread (vegan & sugar free)

Decided not to postpone the sharing of the promised banana bread recipe (with an oat milk). A super simple recipe for perfect Sunday breakfast. Let’s get long introductions off – the ingredients tell about itself: everything is very available and economical, but at the same time it is HEALTHY!

Ultimate vegan sprouted chickpeas burger

Today’s recipe I wanted to share even during Orthodox Lent, because burger is eggs- and dairy-free, and now it can also be useful for vegans and healthy lifestyle’rs☺
I used a mix of whole wheat flour and spelt flour for buns. You can use your favorite spices and fill the burger with any additional ingredients from your fridge. I’m sure that successful combinations of fillings can be a great many, and they all will find their own fans)

Blue cheese burger with stout caramelized red onions

Not so long ago, I decided to take part in a popular in Russia culinary competition in Instagram. The first task was to prepare a burger, and I’ve just been about to try to make him home. Now I can proudly say that the burger was excellent!
Firstly, I discovered a very successful recipe for buns. Surprisingly, the dough includes milk and eggs. Before this I was convinced that for a hamburger you need buns made of the simple dough with flour, water & yeast. But I was wrong, buns will be much tastier and more beautiful with these additional ingredients!
Secondly, it is caramelized in stout onions. You can not imagine what flavors were in my kitchen during cooking. To be honest, I used a little less stout than indicated in the recipe – I should have tried it! In any case, this did not affect the final result, except that it was definitely more fun to cook☺
And the main thing, of course, is meat! When I was in the cooking classes, one student shared the secret of how to make chopped steak more juicy and tastier – just add finely chopped bacon to the beef. This lifehack really has a positive effect on the taste of meat. Take a note)