Russian honey cake “Medovick” with crème brûlée and caramelized top

Medovick is a classic Russian honey cake from the Soviet times.
To be honest it has never been my favorite cake. I have a sweet tooth but if I was faced with the choice of either Honey cake for dessert or nothing I would choose nothing.
With all my indifference to this dessert I can not refuse to bake it at all as I’m a baker, at the same time I should be able to do it well. Furthermore Medovick is favorite cake of some of my clients.
And now I’m ready to present you Honey cake with crème brûlée and caramelized crust which was born one day in my kitchen.
According to the number of requests to share the Medovick recipe in Instagram there are many people would like to try this cake, so I’m happy to share you the detailed recipe of it.

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