Gluten-free Italian almond pie with pears and blueberries

As it is good that there are simple recipes of baking in the world that don’t required special ingredients and long preparation, but the meal is harmonious to taste and immediately becomes a favorite. In my opinion, they are intended for the perfect family Sunday lunch.
One of these favourite recipes, which I use very often, especially in the season of fresh berries and fruits is Italian almond pie recipe.

Lime meringue tart

Lemon meringue tart is a classic dessert, which became popular due to a delightful combination of tastes: the sour lemon curd shades the sweetness of meringue, and if this is not a harmony of taste, what is then?!
Probably, no one will be surprised if I say that a lemon meringue tart is one of my favorite desserts. I say this word for almost all of my recipes, but it really is! I like to share the cooking secrets of meals I liked, because that’s what a blog is for.

Sticky blood orange upside-down cake

Some of the recipes must be shared. You just want them to be known about by every person, cause they are too successful and universal. This sticky blood orange upside-down cake is one of the good examples. Last year I baked the cake like this and now I decided to repeat it specifically for my…