Ultimate vegan sprouted chickpeas burger

Today’s recipe I wanted to share even during Orthodox Lent, because burger is eggs- and dairy-free, and now it can also be useful for vegans and healthy lifestyle’rs☺
I used a mix of whole wheat flour and spelt flour for buns. You can use your favorite spices and fill the burger with any additional ingredients from your fridge. I’m sure that successful combinations of fillings can be a great many, and they all will find their own fans)

Raw sprouted hummus

What ingredients and dishes do you remember when you hear “the healthy food”? For some reason, chickpeas and hummus immediately come to my mind. They are deservedly popular among a healthy lifestyle adherents and vegetarians. Let’s see why they are so fancy?

Vegan banana chocolate chips loaf cake

By the way it’s a time to begin to share more healthy recipes So since this Monday you can find not only desserts-bodykillers on my blog,, but also less harmful dishes, which will be terrifically tasty and undoubtedly surprise and please you and your conscience.
So I bring to your attention one of my favorite recipes. This banana chocolate chips loaf cake is so delicious that when you enjoy it a reproachful question flashes in a moment in your head: “Is it generally legal?” – but then, remembering that it is #healthybaking, you can finish eating a tasty piece with peace of mind☺

Lime meringue tart

Lemon meringue tart is a classic dessert, which became popular due to a delightful combination of tastes: the sour lemon curd shades the sweetness of meringue, and if this is not a harmony of taste, what is then?!
Probably, no one will be surprised if I say that a lemon meringue tart is one of my favorite desserts. I say this word for almost all of my recipes, but it really is! I like to share the cooking secrets of meals I liked, because that’s what a blog is for.

Blue cheese burger with stout caramelized red onions

Not so long ago, I decided to take part in a popular in Russia culinary competition in Instagram. The first task was to prepare a burger, and I’ve just been about to try to make him home. Now I can proudly say that the burger was excellent!
Firstly, I discovered a very successful recipe for buns. Surprisingly, the dough includes milk and eggs. Before this I was convinced that for a hamburger you need buns made of the simple dough with flour, water & yeast. But I was wrong, buns will be much tastier and more beautiful with these additional ingredients!
Secondly, it is caramelized in stout onions. You can not imagine what flavors were in my kitchen during cooking. To be honest, I used a little less stout than indicated in the recipe – I should have tried it! In any case, this did not affect the final result, except that it was definitely more fun to cook☺
And the main thing, of course, is meat! When I was in the cooking classes, one student shared the secret of how to make chopped steak more juicy and tastier – just add finely chopped bacon to the beef. This lifehack really has a positive effect on the taste of meat. Take a note)

Russian honey cake “Medovick” with crème brûlée and caramelized top

Medovick is a classic Russian honey cake from the Soviet times.
To be honest it has never been my favorite cake. I have a sweet tooth but if I was faced with the choice of either Honey cake for dessert or nothing I would choose nothing.
With all my indifference to this dessert I can not refuse to bake it at all as I’m a baker, at the same time I should be able to do it well. Furthermore Medovick is favorite cake of some of my clients.
And now I’m ready to present you Honey cake with crème brûlée and caramelized crust which was born one day in my kitchen.
According to the number of requests to share the Medovick recipe in Instagram there are many people would like to try this cake, so I’m happy to share you the detailed recipe of it.

Sticky blood orange upside-down cake

Some of the recipes must be shared. You just want them to be known about by every person, cause they are too successful and universal. This sticky blood orange upside-down cake is one of the good examples. Last year I baked the cake like this and now I decided to repeat it specifically for my…

Blood orange crème brûlée

This crème brûlée with blood orange hearts perfectly suited for St. Valentine’s Day or romantic meetings. All charm of crème brûlée, to my mind, consists of a fairy combination of textures: a thin caramel crust is hiding behind a gentle vanilla custard. Delicate hints of the blood orange add freshness and playfulness. This easy to…